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I do 4 Minutes because I need it.
I need to be reminded all the time that God knows my name, He cares, and I'm not alone.
Fear and doubt are always fighting for my attention. For years, I struggled with a ton of shame about this. Don't you get to a place in your faith when you just don't struggle as much with fear and doubt? That's what I thought at least and some people might. Instead, I've learned to embrace me. If I didn't struggle with those two so much, I may not have had a whole to book to write you. Right? 

In a couple years, I'm turning fifty.  I have crawled through valleys of great sorrow and stood on mountaintops that left me breathless. I've gone deep sea diving into my heart's brokenness and hacked through jungles of intimidation until I found my confidence in wild, foreign, unexpected places.  Every step has taken me more into the unknown where God lives outside of a box and beckons me to take leaps of faith while creating a future I could never imagine. Fear and doubt flex their muscles in the unknown, but our family has also experienced the intimate, powerful, personal, adventurous side of God.
I wouldn't trade it for anything.    

As you read 4 Minutes to Hear God's Voice, I want you to know that I wrote it for you and my family. I wanted  a written account of all the ways He showed up when I felt forgotten or lost. I didn't write this book because I have achieved a higher level of faith. I wrote 4 Minutes to Hear God's Voice because I love His voice, how it cuts through all the noise and changes everything, leaving me wanting more. My prayer is that it lights a fire in you to hear God's voice and join my family in the unknown. You're in good company!

xo, Me Ra

from the heart

Blaze, Brian, Pascaline and Me Ra

Me Ra Koh is the author of half a dozen books inspiring the soul spiritually and creatively. She is a keynote speaker known for bringing laughter, healing tears, and powerful imagery. Koh is also a master photographer. In 2007, Sony invited her to be one of their first two women sponsored photographers. For almost a decade she hosted Capture Your Story with Me Ra Koh on Disney, inspiring millions of children and moms with photography. She is a regular go-to expert on Live with Kelly and Ryan, and her photography and writing have been featured in the NY Times, The Huffington Post, Parenting, as well as exhibited in the American Museum of Natural History, New York and Somerset House, London. She and her husband own a portrait studio in Frisco, Texas. With their team, they help families discover what means most to shine through their portraits and enjoy every day in their homes. They have two kids, Pascaline and Blaze, and love exploring the world with them. 

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